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First Englishmen were dark-skinned

A cutting-edge scientific analysis shows that British people 10,000 years ago had dark brown skin and blue eyes. Researchers from London's Natural History Museum extracted DNA from Cheddar Man, Britain's oldest complete skeleton, which was discovered in 1903. University College London researchers then used the subsequent genome analysis for a facial reconstruction. It underlines the fact that the lighter skin characteristic of modern Europeans is a relatively recent phenomenon. The analysis provides valuable new insights into the first people to resettle Britain after the last Ice Age.




Jim Shane sent us this one
A Classic FM video. It's a mind-blowing combination of marbles, magnets and music!!
Robots getting ready to take over

See some frightening videos on our science page



Mormon's choose new prophet

Following the death of the previous president, Russell M. Nelson, 93, was called and set apart by the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as the 17th president of the  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). He will be officially sustained a special “solemn assembly” held during the April general conference. The solemn assembly is a unique part of the general conference meeting where the leadership of the church is sustained; typically Saturday morning or Sunday morning during the conference.


Bishop says Catholics invented hell

In an interview, a retired Episcopal bishop reveals the facts that we have always suspected. (see full text)


Latest news: No global warming

A landmark study published in the journal Nature reveals that global ocean temperatures have risen only 0.1 degree Celsius in the last fifty years. According to the mainstream media, the oceans are rapidly heating and are to blame for recent hurricanes. But the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s data tells a different story. The new study reveals how much and how fast this “ocean warming” is occurring. Compare this uptake to periods of warming in the past, and the argument that man-made global warming is destroying the world’s oceans begins to fall apart. The truth is far less dramatic than the politicians have told us.




Discovery could change war forever

Scientists have just discovered a way to create a lightweight material that is bulletproof. Scientists combined two graphene layers and created a new material that is both soft and light, and also can instantly become as hard as diamond when a bullet or some other object strikes it. This material, known as diamene, is as thin as aluminum foil. It was developed at City University of New York’s Advanced Science Research Center. The findings were published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.



Secret goverment UFO program exposed

The $22 million spent annually on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was impossible to find in the Defense Department budget. Which was how the Pentagon wanted it. The New York TImes discovered the shadowy program is run on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring, deep within the building’s maze. To see what secrets the were uncovered, click here


MIT creates living tattoos

The latest biohybrid strangeness comes out of MIT, where engineers have invented what they're calling "living tattoos" that can respond to their environment just like living cells. Made of living cells that have been 3D printed on the skin as flexible three-dimensional interactive structures or devices that can sense various chemicals and do other things. (read more)



Were alien objects found on Mars?

Rami Bar Ilan has been publishing pictures which he has blown up from sections of offical NASA Mars photos. These pictures appear to show small weather-worn pieces which can only be described as parts of some manufactured objects.  NASA has made no public statements about these pictures. If you would like to decide for yourself whether or not advanced life one existed on Mars, you can visit this youtube site




Lightening sparks air nuclear reaction

After nearly 100 years of speculating that thunderstorms could trigger a nuclear reaction in the atmosphere, scientists have finally recorded the phenomenon for the first time. On February 6, 2017, a team in Japan observed a “clear signature of positron annihilation associated with γ-ray flashes.” A paper describing the observations was published in the journal "Nature". Lightning produces flashes of electromagnetic radiation called gamma rays. Researchers have long theorized that gamma rays, upon interacting with molecules in the air, can generate nuclei that aren't stable. which can randomly let off bursts of excess radiation including gamma rays, and result in a nuclear reaction  There was no actual explosion. These reactions show us a natural source for generating carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen isotopes that we'd previously never been able to confirm. And aside from the satisfaction of finally recording the existence of something which scientists have been chasing since 1925, this new data might help us understand more about how thunder and lightning actually work.



A visitor from another solar system

Oct. 19 Rob Weryk, a researcher at University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, noted a fast-moving object on it’s way between Earth and the Sun. He and his colleagues scrambled to get more telescope time to study this mysterious, fast-moving object. They called in all the astronomy community. Data showed the object lacked some important properties of comets, they decided it did in fact have to be an asteroid. But it wasn’t acting like any asteroid they’d ever seen. When astronomers examined and measured the object’s movements, they were stunned. The object didn’t come from our solar system. It had through interstellar space for who knows how long. Astronomers announced the discovery October 26, calling it A/2017 U1. The University of Hawaii team eventually gave it a permanent name of Hawaiian origin, ‘Oumuamua, “a messenger from afar arriving first.” More information was published in Nature, that confirms "It is the first known interstellar object in our solar system." Oumuamua is a cigar-shaped, 800-meter-long asteroid, red in color, with a surface similar to comets and organic-rich asteroids found elsewhere in our solar system,." Little is known about its composition. But its existence is exciting enough.


TV angel Della Reese dies

Della Reese, performer and pastor best known for her starring role on the CBS spiritual drama "Touched by an Angel", has died at 86.Costar Roma Downey, said that Ms. Reese "has passed away peacefully at her California home surrounded by love." She added, "I know heaven has a brand new angel this day." Ms. Reese, who was born Delloreese Patricia Early in Detroit, started singing in church when she was six. She was recruited by gospel legend Mahalia Jackson to tour with her at the age of 12. In "Touched by an Angel", Ms. Reese plays Tess, a sarcastic angel boss who is a maternal figure to Ms. Downey's apprentice guardian angel. Ms. Reese said that she consulted with God about whether to sign on for "Touched by an Angel". “As clearly as I hear you, I heard God say: ‘You can do this. I want you to do this, and you can retire in 10 years.’ ” The series lasted nine years. As an ordained minister, Reese founded a church called the Understanding Principles for Better Living Church out of her living room . She delivered Sunday services there for many years, though the church soon outgrew her living room.


Secret chamber found in Great Pyamid

Scientists, using advanced instruments, have found a hidden chamber in Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza. This is the first such discovery in the structure in over 100 years and one likely to spark a new surge of interest.  The mysterious cavity, described Nov. 2 in the journal Nature, is at least 95 feet long.  Though the researchers aren’t sure whether it’s straight or inclined, whether it’s one large space or a series of smaller ones, this discovery has already triggered excitement among archaeologists wanting to know its purpose.  30 years ago, E. Hubbard, a local psychic, channeled a message from a 19th century archaeologist who said the designer of the Great Pyramid was a genius who died before the pyramid was completed and whose mummy was placed in the special chamber along with artifacts and records.


Mysterious death of Tantric sex yogini

Psalm Isadora escaped a Christian cult and grew to become a sex and healing guru to the masses. Then she was found dead. Many of her disciples are convinced it was not a suicide. see more

Bigfoot sighting caught on video

A video of a Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina has everyone interested. The image is grainy (like all Bigfoot sightings), but Bigfoot is at upper right and barking dog is in foreground. "Either there's a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a practical joke," said Eric Walters, who was walking his dog, Zippy, on Thursday morning when he captured the video. Walters said he was on vacation with his wife and another couple, staying in rental cabin on Buck Forest Road,south of Black Mountain. He had no further comment. see the video  See the story of a shaman mistaken for bigfoot




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  Brian resigns from Phx Pagan Pride

The Phoenix Pagan Community has a bit of a dilemma on its hands regarding Phoenix Pagan Pride Day. Brian Simpson, who has been successfully managing the event for years, has stepped down.  He told the Omega Directory, "I've been doing this for five years and  it's time for someone else to take charge. With new perspective comes new growth."  Maia Dawn Wolf says, "There is now a BIG void to fill. If no one comes forward to run the event, there will be no Phx Pagan Pride Day this year. So, who would like to step in and take this grand adventure over? As an incentive, I will gladly help you and even take on a committee for you, if you chose to do this. . . . Phoenix Pagan Pride Day is a beast and always, always, always comes with a set of challenges that make you grind your teeth together, however, it is also one of THE BEST things you will do for yourself and your community. If you want to test yourself, now's the time to do it. Contac ne and I will get you pointed in the right direction with National. I look forward to working with you.” If you are interested call (602)703-4508.



Dr. John finally gets transportation

Dr. John & Joy now have a car to get around in. They wish to thank everone for their prayers and assisstance. Dr John was on his way to speak at Sun Spiritualist Camp in Tonopah December 9 when his car was struck and totally destroyed. He was amazingly uninjured except for a few aches and bruises. After the medics checked him out and the car was hauled ontothe tow-truck, the driver dropped him off at the church and he was able to deliver his speech only half an  hour late. From beginning to end, it was a miracle.


Kathy Wayne passes

A regular customer of Alpha Book Center, Kathie attended a lot of classes there and was well known. She was born in Ohio and died of a stroke January 24 at the age of  53. Funeral services were  held February 6.



Az family haunted by Yiddish ghost

A West Phoenix family claims they are being haunted by a Jewish “ghost”.  Home owner Rudy Calderon says the problems began on December 21st. The first incidents seemed like pranks but he got worried a few days later when both of his bathrooms mysteriously flooded and he found some strange letters on the wall written using something like charcoal. Calderon uploaded a video of the writing to social media and someone identified it as the Yiddish word for “danger.” While paranormal activities may not be rare, but Jewish ghost stories are. The popular Hebrew word for ghost is dybbuk, which is a wandering soul that can take over a person and control their actions, and sometimes often offer guidance and direction. The Calderon’s are not Jewish but it sounds like they could use the help of a rabbi experienced in Kabbalah—magical branch of Judaism. The rabbi would most likely blow a shofar (trumpet) to separate the ghost from that which it possesses. He would then comfort the ghost and help determine what unfinished business it had. The exorcist would also say prayers to help protect the house and its inhabitants. So far the Calderon's have not yet found a rabbi to help them.



50 Big ones

Rev. Leslie Saunders, director of Sun Spiritualist Camp in Tonapah, and  her husband Cal celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in Branson, Missouri, enjoying the entertainment



Begining Tarot class

The Astrology Store, 5735 W. Glendale Ave. in Glendale, will present a 6-week beginning tarto card class with Barbara (professional psychic and tarot reader). The course begins Wednesday, February 21 at 6:30 pm. Learn about the MAjor and Minor Arcana, Spreads and more. Cost is $150.



Free course in metaphysics offered

The Omega Directory is conducting an on-going Course in Metaphysics. The classes are being held at 10:30 am Sunday at the Omega Directory, 6418 S. 39th Avenue in Phoenix. The curriculum is based on the seminary program Rev. Dr. John E. Rodgers conducted for many years.  Class handouts are furnished with each class. Students may attend any or all classes. Completing the entire course and the final exam, students will receive a certificate and may be ordained as a spiritual counselor or New Age minister. The course is FREE, because there should be no charge for spritual information. (more information)



Teacher feeling fine, but troubled

Mark Bailey, a popular teacher at Fantasia, 5108 N. 7th Street in Phoenix, says to tell everyone he's feeling fine now that he has his new insulin pump. But he is disturbed because he is getting many Facebook contacts from Ghana. "I do not know anyone living in Ghana, working in Ghana, or even remotely associated with Ghana," he says. "I can only assume that it is a phishing attempt from someone that wants to scam me It is sad that I have to look into requests for friends."





Queen Creek lights mystery solved

Mysterious lights appeared in the sky over Queen Creek the night of December 18. They formed a long cluster and changed formation at one point, according to those who spotted them. Many residents snapped photos of the lights as they moved through the sky around 8 p.m. With no official word on what the hundreds of lights were, theories ranged from nighttime skydivers to LED lights tied to drones. Some even think they may have been visitors from outer space.  One observer suggested a large UFO, with city lights reflecting on it and on its gaseous contrail. The true source is almost as strange. click here



Omega Directory will be closed Easter

The regular class usually held at the Omega Directory each Sunday mornings will not be held on Easter Sunday. Rev. Dr. John E Rodgers & Joy will be at Sun Spiritulist Camp,  2525 N. 355th Ave. in Tonopah. Dr John will be speaking on  Jesus & Metaphysics.He says you will hear things aout religion you have never heard before.




Dog goes from Phoenix to Phenix & back

Seven years ago a Shih Tzu puppy named Teddy strayed from the Sisamouth home here in Phoenix. Early in December the family received a call from a shelter in Phenix City, Alabama, 1806 miles away. The shelter read the microchip on the dog and identified him. They called Lay Sisamouth to say they  found the puppy. Unbelievable!! How did this all happen? Lay's wife, Melissa, said the puppy was found by a military family. Not knowing about the microchip, they could not identify the puppy so they kept it. They moved around the country and ended up in Phenix City and gave the puppy away when they could no longer keep it. Teddy ended up in an animal shelter, with the microchip still registered to the Sisamouth family. Lay flew to Phenix City to pick up the dog who still recognized the family




Gun training for Scottsdale churches

Strategos International has come to Scottsdale to teach churches how the use of guns to make churches a place of safety and comfort. But not everyone respects the sanctuary. The number of violent events at churches has increased by more than 600% in the last decade. Placing armed men in churches - has it come to this?



Phoenix Pagans can be proud

The 2017 Phoenix Pagan Pride Day came off wonderfully. The day was sunny (most of the time), there was a good turnout and everyone had a great time. Bryan Simpson and his crew were very helpful and much appreciated. Next year's event will be here before you know it!



Everyone is using crystal light therapy

You know about the healing power of crystals. But did you know that right here in the Valley is a company that manufactures many different devices that use the healing light of crystals. It's Stellarwaves and you can contact them in Mesa at (480)212-6747.


Metaphysical stores win awards

Phoenix New Times newspaper awarded both The Astrology Bookstore, 5735 W. Glendale Ave in Glendale, and Vision Quest,  3114 E. Indian School Rd in Phoenix, their annual "Best Of" awards. These awards are given each year by the newspaper to the best businesses in various categories.



50-year-old store ends its mission

The idea of the Alpha Book Center arose in the mind of Rev. Dr. John E. Rodgers in 1967. Its purpose was to be a place for metaphysics and New Age ideas. The store grew and moved steadily year after year, paving he way for other stores to begin. But, after nearly half a century, Dr. John decided the store had done its job and it was time to put it to rest. August 11 the store's mission ended when the door was closed for the last time.. The history of the store can be found in the encyclopedia listing. Any unsold merchandise is available Sunday afternoons, after class, at the Omega Directory, 6418 S. 39th S. 39th Avenue in Phoenix


Medium event scheduled for daytime

Many people cannot get out a night. Group Medium Day is Dave Campbell's effort to provide a medium experience for those who can’t usually make the regular night time Group Medium . Dave will still conduct his night time group and will be doing medium readings for the audience, just like in evening event. This will be held Saturday April 21, from 2 pm-4 pm Cost is $25.


Healing the planet one person at a time

This year World Tai Chi & Qigong Day will occur April 28 and it will be here before you know it. What organizers should do: A) Organize your event, B) Get your information to the Omega Directory,  C) Get local/state/national government bodies and officials to officially recognize your event.