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Spiritualist church still growing after 60 years

Located at 1522 W Encanto Blvd in Phoenix, Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church was not the first Spiritualist church to begin in the Valley, but it is certainly the oldest. Founded in 1951 by Rev. Edwin W. Ford as Harmony Chapel, a member of the National Spirit-ualist Association of Churches (NSAC). Rev. Ford was a true pioneer. Not only did he open up a new Spiritualist church, but he had the vision to propel it into the Age of Aquarius.    (more)



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Library fund started
Mountain Temple Center is trying to raise funds to rebuild Michael Crowley's vast reference library that was destroyed in the disastrous Beltane Fire of 2017. Insurance covers most of the building and the furniture, but the library was probably worth more than the building. It was a great library with rare and valuable occult books. If you wish to help, go to:

Panhalla moves

After many years in the same location, Panhalla Metaphysical and Psychic Center has moved from 24th and Osborn in Phoenix, to 355 N. Lindsay in Mesa . They are still getting organized, but they are open for business.
Small Minnesota town to get nation's first Satanic monument
The Satanic Temple announced May 6 that it had received approval to install a monument , which is in production. Within a couple of months, it is expected to take its place alongside a flag-lined walkway in Belle Plain, Minnesota, about 45 miles soouthwest of Minneapolis.
  Soon, along with remembrances for the town’s men and women in uniform, will be a solemn black cube holding an upturned helmet, its sides adorned with upside-down pentagram. more  

Trump inks religious freedom order 
    President Donald Trump signed an executive order May 4th meant to allow churches and other religious organizations to become more active politically, though  the document has a few limitations.   The order, which Trump inked during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, directs the IRS not to take "adverse action" against churches and other tax-exempt religious organizations participating in political activity.  Churches and any other tax-exempt spiritual organizations are forbidden from endorsing or opposing political candidates under the 1954 Johnson  Amendment. 
Ordination  Terri Tucker, a noted intuitive channel, was ordained April 23 during services at Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church,1522 W Encanto Blvd in Phoenix. Ms Tucker is a psychic medium who is clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant
Mountain Temple Center destroyed   Mountain Temple Center, 1533 E Lupine Ave in Phoenix, was a fixture in North Phoenix for decades until is was consumed by fire April 28. No one was injured but most everything was destroyed. AUMM, which met there every week is making arrangements to meet elsewhere. Leave messages at   
Comprehensive Astrology course  Beth Rodriguez will begin a three week class in astrology 6 pm Friday June 2 at Fantasia Crystals, 5108 N. 7th St in Phoenix. Students must attend all three Friday evenings which will cover the history and origin of our astrology, the significance of the nine planets, sun and moon, as well as direct and retrograde movement. Then she will discuss the signs of the zodiac, dualities, triplicities and quadaruplicities and explore the houses, their angles, quadrants, and the significance of the the horizon. In this course you will learn how to draw and read your own natal chart.  For ages 13 and up with parent. Cost is $95
  Passing: Marie French died April 8 in Oklahoma from a massive heart attack.  she was born in New Hampshire as Marie Champney , the eldest of three girls. Raised in Arizona, she married John Rodgers and bore two children, Rachel and Robert. She remarried. She is survived by two sisters, five children, 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She was 73
New service for readers of the Omega Directory. Get your personal celtic zodiac signs. Learn your future and your fortune. Find it on our Astrology page..
Glaciers and forests given rights of human beings  On March 31  the highest court in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand determined Himalayan glaciers, lakes and forests are "legal persons" in an effort to curb environmental destruction, weeks after it granted similar status to the country's two most sacred rivers. In a decision that aims to widen environmental protections in the mountainous region, the court granted the legal standing to glaciers Gangotri and Yamunotri that feed India's venerated Ganga and Yamuna rivers ."The rights of these entities shall be equivalent to the rights of human beings and any injury or harm caused to these bodies shall be treated as injury or harm caused to human beings," said the court.
Mystical Mporium closed Formerly located on west Thunderbird Rd. in Phoenx, the Mystical Mporium closed it doors March 31 They worked hard packing up the merchandise and equipment during April . Co-owner, Pam McMillen,  is leaving the state but says she may re-open the store somewhere else
Leader Quits Pagan Community Jane Ditzel, who has managed the Witches' Ball for nearly five years, recently posted on her face page her resignation from the Pagan Community. It has been reported that she has turned over to someone else control of the Annual Witches Ball. Many in the Valley are surprized, other say they saw it coming. Here is what she said. "There have been some recent changes in my life and to do these changes I have had some time to reflect on things that have gone on in my life things that have been said about me things that have been done to me and I think at this point in my life I'm ready to start over so this is my official statement I am no longer going to be a part of the Pagan community I am still a witch always will be..."
New Tattoo Craze In a recent interview with MTV News, Miley Cyrus'  younger sister, Noah, revealed that she got a finger tattoo of a teardrop in honor of her first single, “Make Me (Cry).”Finger tattoos are a great way to ease into the world of body art without getting a full sleeve on your first try. It is likely this is the reason finger tattoos are becoming all the rage. It doesn't have to be a teardrop. It can be a moon, ect.  
Phoenix Pagan Pride The Valley's very own Pagan organization will hold the 2017 Pagan Pride Day Saturday, November 4 at Steele Indian School Park, 300 E. Indian School in Phoenix. There will workshops, entertainment, vendors and public rituals. This is the big event of the year
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