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Arizona Renaissance Festival. The popular annual event began February 11 and continues at 10 am every Saturday, Sunday, and on Presidents’ Day Monday, until April 2nd. Located east of Apache Junction on US Highway 60, near the Superstition Mountains, the Festival is a stage with a cast featuring more than 2000 brightly costumed actors, dancers, mermaids, acrobats and musicians. Tickets available at Fry’s are $22 for adults and $12 for kids ages 5 – 12, children under 5 are always FREE.  see more
Readings & Healings   Dr. Emil Faithe & Susan Faithe will do readings and healings 2 pm  Sunday February 26 at Storm Wisdom, 3375 E. Shea Blvd in Phoenix. Dr. Faithe will tune into your body and your life, and attempt to ead you to health, vitality and wellbeing. Susan will use her intuitive ability to detect and clear emotional and energetic blocks that are keeping your from health and life experience. Cost is  $45 prepaid
Finbarr Ross The world famous mystic and  spiritual guide will be in the Phoenix area from March 11th to March 16th and will be present at several lectures, workshops and healing sessions.Through his Sacred Mystical Journeys, he has been bringing groups to the sacred power sites of Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Peru, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Guatemala, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Thailand. He describes these journeys as the Ascension process of Awakened Consciousness- pathways of self-discovery, spiritual wisdom, the Mary Magdalene and Grail legends and divine feminine emotional healing see schedule
Limbs can be regrown  A powder created from layers of a pig bladder can help reconstruct a patient’s residual limb reported Dr.Bruce Kraemera professor of plastic surgery at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. “There is a technology we use called an extracellular matrix (ECM) wound device that can enhance and change the way we heal,” he said at the Hanger Education Clinic and National Meeting in January 2017. The technique was used on a patient who lost his fingertips in an accident. A week after applying the powder to the patient’s wounds, the tissue began to reform. Eventually, all the wounds healed including regrowing the nails and maintaining hand function.
The Three Great Questions  "Godfather" of the Valley New Age Community, Dr. John, will begin a discussion of the three greatest questions of metaphysics 10:30 am Sunday February 25..The three quesions are: the origins of Life, the Cosmos and Consciousness.  Various ideas about this subject seems to be basic to all religion and philosophy. Exactly what is life? Where is the Cosmos/Universe located? How do we know we are conscious?  Does anyone know the answers?This will be an exciting class and may possibly extend for more than one class.   At Omega Directory, 6418 S. 39th Avenue in Phoenix. All are welcome. Notice the class will now begin at 11 am each Sunday morning, with a special period at 10:30 am as an introduction to metaphyisics with questions and answers. New topics each week. This is a free event with tea, coffee and cocoa. Snacks provided, too.
Magickal Symbols Monday February 27 at 6 pm at Fantasia Crystals,  5108 N. 7th Street in Phoenix Beth Rodriquez will teach about magickal symbols. Symbols are tools humans use to interpret, and create reality. Come out ande xplore the fundamentals of symbol meanings, as well as techniques for using symbols magically. This class is for ages 13 and up with parental permission. Cost: $15 cash only
5th annual Yoga Event  The weekend of March 9-12,  Sedona Yoga Festival will be held at the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock, 90 Ridge Trail Drive in Sedona, with over 100 presenters and over 250 sessions, ranging from quiet meditation to wild vinyasa, performances, experiential journeys, conscious conversation varying from “your multi-dimensional selves” to “body positive teaching techniques”, to handstand inversion courses, acro yoga, healthy eating Workshops and more. Cost: $135-$397

 Science and Bible predict a new star in 2022
   Approximately five years from now, a new star will appear in the night sky. Scientifically speaking, the appearance of this nova is the product of the collision of two other astral bodies. And for six months this new star will be the brightest in the heavens. it’s a significant event in human history, but it may be much more than that. According to one rabbi, this new star is a sign of the coming of the Messiah
   read more
The New Age is here! Friday January 20, on Fox News Charles Krauthammer, speaking about Pres.Trump's inauguration, proclaimed. "A New Age has begun." Krauthammer is an American syndicated columnist, author, political commentator, and non-practicing physician whose weekly column is syndicated to more than 400 publications worldwide. It is possible that Krauthammer was not referring the New Age as we know it, but we will accept it anyway.
Pot is beneficial say Feds Cannabis may ease your chronic pain, but offers no help for anxiety. Those are two takeaways from a federal advisory released January 18 by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The comprehensive review pinpoints the conditions where cannabis can provide a benefit and where it can’t. “We conducted an in-depth and broad review of the most recent research to establish firmly what the science says,” said Marie McCormick, a Harvard pediatrician who chaired the panel, “As laws and policies continue to change, research must also..
Creationists say dinosaurs are evil Stories of dinosaurs have the power to captivate audiences, both young and old. Belief in dinosaurs is a gateway drug for young people, reports the website, Creation Revolution..Gateway drugs lead to something else, in this case ‘science’and disbelief in God. One blogger, writing forr The Meaning Without God Projectt, phrases it even more candidly: “Dinosaurs were my gateway drug to Atheism. Even before I reached the  conclusion that God either didn’t care about us or didn’t exist, the Dinosaurs had shared an important secret—that the Bible can be wrong.””"
Alpha's magick books sold. The last of Alpha Book Center's books from the store on 7th Street were sold January 10 to Tanja's Natural Magick, 8987 W. Olive in Peoria. The Alpha Book Center is now totally on line at , specializing in rare and discounted items.     
 What's Sedona all about? In addition to being a beautiful and serene place, Sedona is known as a spiritual power center. This energy is the reason Sedona is full of people that are "on the path", that is, people who have made a commitment to grow and become as much as they can spiritually. read more
How to prevent allergies in children   Food allergies affects about 4% of the children in the United States, and those numbers appear to be growing.  An allergy to peanuts can lead to anaphylaxis and even death.Experts reveal cause of most food allergies and show you how to prevent them before they start. read more  
Woman has two heads!!!  Abigail and Brittany Hensel were born in 1990 in Minnesota and are two distinct individuals with different likes and dislikes who share one body. From the waist down, they share one of everything. But upwards, it gets more complicated. They have 2 arms, 2 hearts , 3 lungs, 3 kidneys (two on one side, one on the other), 2 stomachs, and a single large and small intestine   
Meditation lowers stress. Meditation has long been promoted as a way to feel more at peace. But research from a Texas Tech University faculty member shows it can significantly improve attention, working memory, creativity, immune function, emotional regulation, self-control, cognitive and school performance and healthy habits while reducing stress. read more  
  Spirit Babysitter
 Now deceased, Michael Crowley was a notorious and controversal occult personality in the Valley for many years. Many even thought he was evil. A photo of Crowley has been placed there as if he were protect ing his young grand son.Showing that he was goodhearted. Cute.
Big reward is offered UFO researcher, Kevin Randl is offering a reward of $10,000 tothe first person or group/lab that can” decipher the text of a memo held in the hands of a top U.S. military officer in a photo in which the officer was shown examining debris allegedly freshly recovered from the  1947 Roswell UFO crash site. read more    
New Ninth Planet Discovered Astronomers at the California Institute of Technology have found evidence of a giant icy planet far beyond the orbit of Pluto. The call it "Planet Nine." The astronomers, Michael Brownmily: Konstantin Batygin, detected its existence from the motion of newly discovered dwarf planets and other objects orbiting in the outer solar system. Their orbits appear to be influenced by the gravity of a hidden planet – much like it was when they discovered Pluto.  read more
  The real Holy Grail?  Over the centuries, 40 different cups have been acclaimed as the Holy Grail - the chalice from which Jesus drank wine at the Last Supper.  Today, the Catholic Church has eliminated all but one claimant - the Holy Chalice of Valencia.  read more



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