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People who predict cataclysms are usually wrong
Crackpots who predict a world-wide cataclysm are just that - crackpots.  How is it that they know something our best scientists don't know? .Or perhaps they're con artists. Hustlers who promise a panacea that will make you rich and successful are also just that - hustlers, con artists. Don't believe them. If something seems to good to be true, it probably isn't. Many people get rich by doing nothing more than selling a plan that claims to make you rich.
Rev. Dr. John Rodgers

Beware of fake metaphysical products online

It's so important to do your research before you buy any herbal supplements online. Just because something says 'sea buckthorn oil' doesn't mean it actually IS sea buckthorn oil!   These days, it's hard to tell what you’re getting when you purchase from many online retailers. Stick to brands that have been certified by third parties and are transparent about their products. Share your experience with your readers....for real! 
Genuinely Yours,
Cherie Boldt

What do you need....The universe is OPEN!!

    As you lay down to go to sleep tonight (after you fill out your gratitude journal) say these things as you drift off to sleep:
   I Am Acceptance, I Am, I Am Abundance, I Am, I Am Aware, I Am, I Am Calm, I Am, I Am Clarity, I Am, I am Change, I Am, I Courage, I Am, I Am Eternal, I Am, I Am Gratitude, I Am, I Am Hope, I Am, I Am Holy, I Am, I Am Spirit, I Am, I Am Blessings, I Am, I Am Love, I Am, I Am Peace, I Am, I Am Inspiration, I Am, I Am Free, I Am, I Am Grace, I Am, I Am Patience, I Am, I Am Kind, I Am.
    What you think will come back to you. Say it over and over until you fall asleep. Read what you were grateful for today and go on with your day tomorrow. Goodnight! 
Raven Smokedancer



   A couple years ago I was on a bus sitting across from a young gentleman who would probably be profiled as a thug. I looked at him and thought "if he had been loved just a little bit more he might be better off than he is right now" then I looked a couple seats behind him was a woman who looked unhappy, and I thought the same thing "if she had been loved just a little bit more she might be better off than she is right now" then I realized that is true of everyone. We would all be better off if we were loved just a little bit more. So, I looked around and started loving everyone
Avery Goodman


Dr John asks, What's good about politics?

Many metaphysicians avoid anything political. It seems they think politics and spirituality are mutually exclusive. Politics is dirty and corrupt. Perhaps this is because there are few spiritual people who pay any attention to what is going on in politics. Shouldn't spiritual beings care about the well-being and safety of our fellows? Is it not government that controls the physical well-being of its citizens? Bad government is harmful to its citizens and good government is beneficial to those it serves.  Our goverment is controlled by the senate and the house of representatives.  If too many bad or ignorant men gain these seat, things may not go well for the nation.

Therefore, shouldn't we be concerned with who is running our government and we can do to make sure the nation is being handled well?  Can we do this without paying attention to politics? It's a difficult and often dirty job, but it is your obligation as a spiritual being. 

Rev. Dr. John Rodgers


There are no politics in eight feet of water, said actress Sandra Bullock after donating a million dollars to Houston Flood Relief



A scientific look at out-of-body experiences                       Connie Shane sent us this interesting article. As you read it, keep two points in mind: 1) the researchers eliminated the possibility of anything astral or spiritual, 2) just because OBE-like event can be created scientifically, does not preclude a real OBE occuring naturally with a spiritual cause. In other words, just because someone can conterfeit a $20 bill, doesn't mean that all $20 bills are fake.  With those thoughts the following article may be of interest and value: click here



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