Shakti Rising
Drawing from Eastern traditions, including yoga and tantra, this book focuses on the the feminine principle of divine energy known as Shakti. Using practice, self-inquiry-prompting andstories from the author's own quest, this book will reveal to you the source of your fear, pain and suffering and showing you the means of healing.

Kavitha Chinnaiyan     soft cover     224 pages   $16.95 
    Moon Power
Everyone knows of the power the moon can have over us. Now you can develope the art of personal moon magic and learn lunar rituals for connecting with your inner goddess. Illustrated.

Simone Butler       soft cover     208 pages        $22.95
    Yogic  Tools for Recovery
The perfect handbopok for working the 12 steps. Experience the benefits of recovery through the practice of yoga and an enlightened way of thinking..
Kyczy  Hawk    soft cover       196 pages    $16.95
    Essential Living
A guide to obtaining happiness and peace by reclaiming your essential self. This books show that the essential self is the natural source of vitality, intuition and our sense of well being. Here is a practical, step-by-step guide along the path.
Shelley Uram    soft cover   262 pages   $15.95 
    Beyond Mindfulness
Go beyond the mechanics of mindfulness and find a direct approach to spiritual awakening. Learn to let go of to "be mindful" and, instead, relax into the happiness and ease of simply being aware, here and now. You can discover pure awareness, where there is no separation between self and other. Be transformed.
Stephan Bodian     soft cover    144 pages      $16.95  
    Mind Magic
This is not the mind magic that I thought it was. It is a collection of mind-reading, and future-telling illusions, complete with tips on how to present them most effectively. Learn how psychic fakes find psychic connections between people and their possessions, receive uncanny messages from the beyond, and even seem to know what people are thinking. We hope this information will help you to discriminate between honest psychics and those hucksters who only want to charm you out of your money..
Marc Lemezma       soft cover      102 pages      $9.99
Dear Human, Master Your Emotions
For most people, emotions like stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, and disappointment are an exhausting daily struggle. That makes it tough to consistently be the person you truly want to be. The happy news is you can now become the very best version of yourself with the help of this user-friendly guide to emotional mastery. To conquer your emotions, you must first realize that you are NOT your emotions. Accept your motions, but realize that just as the dhemicals of emotion produce physical actions, so physical actions can change the chemicals of emotion.
Mark Youngblood     softcover     232 pages      $16.95
    This Phenomenal Life
The author tells the story of the wondrous ways that humans are always completely at one with our surrounding world. From the vast galaxies above to the miniature microbes within, humans are organically connected to the complex cycles and mysterious processes of our universe. It's style is reminiscent of Be Here Now, only with more and brighter artwork on every page.
 Misha Maynerick Blaise    hardcover    144 pages    $14.95
  Touching Base with Trauma
What impact do early influences have on the disease and suffering that we seem unable to escape in our individual life journeys? How can homeopathy help to resolve cases that seem to repeat certain self-defeating patterns? The author offers Insights into these questions and many others. The importance of early life occurrences in molding the brain structures is extensively explored in this book as well as the traumatic experiences of previous generations that have been passed down through the ancestral line. The author hopes to place homeopathic treatment on the map to address trauma.
Elizabeth Adalian  perfect bound   236 pages    $27.95
  From SOS to Wow
This is the book for you if you're ready to make a change – to unleash your creative ideas and take courageous action to finally make the move to where you really want to be. What is SOS? It's the Same Old Stuff — it's the place you put yourself in over and over again. You are stuck in the same place because you're doing the same old stuff. It's time for an adventure in personal life coaching.
Margaret A. Johnson  perfect bound   316 pgs    $18.95
  The Atheist and the Parrotfish

A fictional story of a scientist who does not believe in the afterlife. But then he begins to exhibit tastes and characteristics uncannily similar to those of his female organ donor. He becomes convinced that the donor's soul has inhabited him and his psychiatrist tells him It is only psychological.  Which is it?

Richard Barager   perfect bound  322 pages    $16.95

    Secret Nature of Matter
The author explores new territory in intersection of science and spirituality -  the profound relationship between matter and consciousness.  He offers a wide range of simple experiments that challenge the dogmas of science. Learn his  technique along with 57 experiments that clearly demonstrate that our consciousness can profoundly influence matter, and that an object charged with energy and intent can dramatically affect us physiologically in seconds.

Richard Gordon   perfect bound   226 pages  $18. 5 
    Children of Eden
The author traces the origins of humankind, suggesting   that we may have originated as hominids who were genetically-modified by a higher beings. Hybrid Spiritual Beings bonded to physical form is at the core of the problems of humanity. The author offers secret knowledge hidden from only a few - the empowering knowledge to break the chains of physical bondage, and express our true Spiritual Being.
Martin Hinde    soft bound    142 pages   $12.95 
  The Dream Interpretation Dictionary
From entries ranging from “Abandonment” to “Zoo,” this large volume analyzes sex dreams, money dreams, dreams of falling, running, or paralysis and much more. This book explores the messages delivered by the unconscious mind during sleep. It shows what to look for and what to ignore and teaches how to master dream interpretation. Examples of symbols are given. The complexity and context of a dream are explored, decoding clues, explaining symbols, and revealing their universal meanings.
J. M. DeBord     trade paperback    280 pages    $19.95
    Heart and Sell
The author offers a dynamic framework for effective selling in the digital age. This book will help you dramatically increase your sales with a science based real-world approach that will show: the 7 Key Motivators that influence every decision your customer will make, and teach you to align your sales process with how people buy and much more.
Shari Levitin   hardcover    240 pages     $25.99
    Remembering the Light Within
This book is a vehicle for fostering the Presence of Love in your everyday life through the use of the empowering tools of spiritual psychology. Gain the inspiration, practical tools, encouragement, and opportunities to live in the awareness that you are a apirit and that your life serves spiritual purpose. Learn practical ways for waking into the awareness of the Light within—remembering your Essential Nature.

Mary & H.R. Hulnick paperback  292pages   $16.99 
    Meditation for Daily Stress 
The author offers 10 Practices for Immediate Well-being - morethan just an exploration of why we experience stress;this book is a guide to a revolutionary technique for finding peace, quiet, mindfulness, and centeredness in our daily lives. Learning to use the power of meditation as a coping mechanism for daily stress, anxiety, and depression along with a series of visualization and breathing practices and techniques that can be used throughout the day
Michel Pascal     hardcover    192 pages    $16.95
In this book, two acclaimed musicians take a deep look at the essence of sound, combining their professional music education and the study of ancient civilizations and traditional wisdom and present a fresh perspective on the nature of the human soul, consciousness, reality, and the cosmos. A t ruly profound work, worthy of consideration
Juno & Ramiro Mendes  hardcover  318 pages  $24.99
  Embodied Enlightenment
The author intuitively senses that we have entered the New Age of Aquarius. She does not refer to it, but instead, speaks of a new consciousness. In her book she offers new perspectives and some ways in which to grow ourselves.
Amoda Maa   softback    240 pages    $17.95 
    The Religion of Tomorrow
The author of "A Brief History of Everything" observes that centuries of cultural accretion and focus on myth and ritual have weakened  our primary religions, making them irrelevent in our modern world. He believes that the core element of religion is a belief in universal unity. He has developed his Integral Approach as a new "reformation" for religion.This book is exceptionally thought out and comes complete with an intensive index. I will add, he focuses on enlightened humanitarianism which he refers to as being spiritual. But he does not deal with the fact that spirituality is the opposite of the material world.
Ken Wilber      hard cover   806 pages   $39.95 
    The Fearless Path 
Debunking the myth of detachment and other popular New Age ideologies believes that disconnection is the root of all fear, and the attempt at letting go causes more problems than it solves. She offers a radical approach that will heal trauma, fear, heartache, and anxiety, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and addiction.  This book might be worth a read.
Leah Guy    soft cover    224 pages     $15.99
     Decoding 666 The Number of the Beast
I was disappointed. The title offers "An Analysis", but there was no analysis, just  a long-winded Protestant interpretation of that one passage in the bible - extreme and unsupported by any logic. The author offered no new information, neither historical or textual.
Erica Grey   softback    136 pages    $14.99
  Dreams unto Holiness
The author asks, “If God speaks to us continually, day and night, why not in dreams?” She explores the “holy dream”, the “sweet, transcendent sleep,” the spiritual/creative minds that enjoy such benefits. She contrasts psychological and spiritual dreams, and describes specific “holy” dreams, along with methods to enhance understanding of them. Here is a rich, positive read, perhaps a first, in-depth look at the subject. I recommend it
Marsha Sinetar   softback   162 pages     $14.99 
  Peter,  the Popes, and Mary
The author asks the question, "Whatever happened to Jesus?" He has written an 'expose’ of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in which he shows how the traditional teaching of Protestantism  are contradicted by key structures of the Catholic system. Designed for use as a Bible study, or to share with friends or Catholics who have doubts about what they have been taught.
Paul I. Johnson     Softback    240 pages     $13.99
  The Last Faith a Book by an Atheist Believer
This book is aimed at a wide audience and does not require any specialized knowledge. The author’s thoughts and reflections are presented here in the form of a fictional conversation with God.  He uses sound reasoning to support his view the ethics and morality are the result of reason and not God =- and I agree with thim. Bu I do not agree with his other conclusions,.because he does not deal with the questions of Spirit, creation and consciousness. Good reading anyway.
Karmak Bagisbayev    softback    220pages      $9.96
  The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution
The author says that the entire "stress management industry" is stuck on an outdated model from 1908. In this book the author proposes "modern" stress solutions. The logical and concise explanation of stress and the road away from it will lead you from stress to success. It is stress that is keeping you from true success. Be Happy. Be Successful.
Silvia Hartman      softcover      192 pages     $19.99
  Journaling Power
Learn how to put the ultimate self-healing tool right at your fingertips. In journaling, you'll discover how daily pen-to-paper journa-writing leads to self-growth and life-changing transformation. Numerous medical studies have shown that journaling literally unleashes a healing agent that empowers your life in ways you've never imagined.
Mari L. Mccarthy      soft cover       144 pages   
This is the 11th volume in the Insights for a New Way of Living series. Here, Osho helps readers re-evaluate the idea of trust. His insight is that the institutions of the past have used the false substitutes of “belief” and “faith” as control mechanisms of society. Whereas authentic trust comes from within, belief systems are imposed from the outside by religious and social institutions. Osho encourages readers to rediscover and reclaim the innate trust that is born with each individual.
Osho          paperback        232 pages     $15.99
  You the Divine Genius
You are more than you think you are, says the author who offers you a different perspective of your consciousness and a direction you may not have gone before.
Carol Talbot   paperback    190 pages    $21.95
  Sensing the Future
The authors offer you a way to discover your untapped ability to predict the future. If you have ever had hunches that came true or prophetic dreams, this book explains how to train your brain and enhance your precognative powers.
Trish & Rob MacGregor    softcover  large format   190 pages    $21.99
  Bright Friends
In 1951, at the age of four, the author was visited by otherworldly beings who told her, "We are family; we are related." In this book, she breaks her silence and details the first 25 years of visitations. She learned much from her "Bright Friends"who taught her without ever exchanging a spoken word. She tells of visits by beings who lived in a world without war, hunger, or poverty. She discloses how they took samples of her DNA, ova, and breast tissue(shades UFO probes). She reveals what she learned about who they were, where they came from and why they needed humans.
Karen Kalliopi Papagapitos    softcover     234 pages      $17.99

    Alchemy of Freedom
For  a thousand years alchemists sought the philosophers’ stone, the miracle substance believed to be the key to all the secrets of existence. The author shows that the tremendous liberating power of the mysterious philosophers’ stone is closer to us than we realize. In fact, it is the true nature of all reality—in all times and all places, without being limited to being anything in particular.
A. H. Almaas    paperback     216 pages     $18.95 
    Carpe Diem
Carpe diem is a popular Latin phrase that means "seize the day." But what does it really mean and what does the author have to tell us about our lives? In the age of distraction, carpe diem is more essential than ever, and yet many of us simply don't know how to use it.  In this book, the writer Roman reveals the history, philosophy, and modern-day applications of "seizing the day" and rouses to action  to improve our lives--or our world.
Roman Krznaric     paperback      288 pages       $16 
This book shows us how we can uncover and develop talents we didn’t realize we had—no matter what our age or background. We’re often told to “follow our passions.” But the author shows us how we can broaden our passions, guiding us past simplistic ideas of “aptitude” and “ability,” which provide only a snapshot of who we are now—with little consideration about how we can change.
Barbara Oakley     softcover     286 pages      $17 
  Grassroots Zen 
A study of how a Zen group returned to an ancient Chinese tradition of community meditation without a leader or any heirarchy. It was so successful they are urging people from all walks of life to come together in meditation and the study of dharma.
Perle Besserman & Manfred Steger     softbound  226 pages      $15.95
    Moon & Bloom Flower Essence Workbook
According the author the use of flower essences is the most effective and intuitive method for effecting personal change. In addition to her flower remedies, she offers rituals, formulas and useful advice from other experts in this field. She also provides personal stories from her clients.
Heidi Smith    softbound    240 pages      $14.95
    Journaling Power
The subtitle: How To Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Wanted to Live, tells  you what the author thinks that journaling can do for you, especially after you have read her book.
Mari L. McCarthy  soft bound      144 pages      $14.95 
The majority of Americans are looking for meaning in their lives. The lack of a higher purpose often leads to anxiety, depression or other malfunctions.. The author says this is spiritual disfunction. To heal this problem, she offers a blend of practical science and spirituality, which she calls the Science of Spirituality.  This union of her medical training with the Kabbalah, Buddism and shamanistic traditions has been used to bring thousands into lives that are happier and more fulfilling.
Dr. Anna Yusim   hard cover    320 pages      $27
    Finding Your Ruby Slippers
The author offers a series of tranformative life lessons for the therapists couch. And with reference to Dorothy and the ruby slippers that transported her to where she wanted to go,  she tells us to trust our own instincts and find happiness, contentment, success and self-worth.
Lisa Ferentz       soft bound    199 pages       $16.99
    Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible
The author offers eight steps eliminate the struggle in your life.  She shows how to tap into yourself, discover your true passion, unleash your power and find the true joy in living. If that seems a bit much, she presents stories of real people who have done it.
Jean Walters       soft bound     196 pages    $15.95 
    The Way It Is
A most unusual book.. The author talks about the evolution of consciousness, then goes on to touch upon, existence, organized religion, a road map to life from the akashic records,  Einstein, affirmations and meditation, the ego and more.  This reading promises to be quite a trip.
R. Preston Todd       soft cover     168 pages          $13.99 
    The Power Within
The author explores the interface of consciousness, personal growth, spiritual experiences and the evolution of the collective psyche. He shows us how true fulfillment can be found by turning inward, searching the core of our being and using simple breathing practices. Unusual, yes?
Tav Sparks      soft cover    374 pages       $23.90
  The Book of Truth
The second book in The Mastery Trilogy. Channeled over a period of 20 days from unseen intellects call the Guides.  This volume deals with your relationships and what they reveal about you. The author is a playwright and educator who now maintains private practice as an intuitive.
Paul Selig.     soft bound   366 pages    $17
  The Nine Waves of Creation
Creationists refer to the six days of creation and New Agers speak of one age following another with appropriate changes. The author writes about the nine waves of creation. He uses quantum physics and other scientific fields to describe a holographic universe. If he is correct, the destiny of humanity can be determined by this same theory.
Carl Johan Calleman     soft bound   318 pages    $20
  The Original Design for Health
When you discover an unique and wonderful idea, you want to share it with the world. The author has done just that. The last 25 pages present his simple three-step plan. If you can make it work with this information, great. If you can't the other 280 pages will give you inspiration and fill in the details.
Dr. Paul Shannan     soft bound   318 pages    $16.99
Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain
There are countless methods, medical and surgical, for the treatment of pain. And just as many natural systems. But how can you tell which one is best for you? The authors present a guide to drug-and-surgery-free alternatives based on your emotional type. How you react to stress and your environment affects how you treatments work. They offer a questionaire to determine which emotional type you are and what may work for you.
Dr. Marc S. Micozzi & Sebhia Marie Dibra    soft bound  288 pages    $18.95