Giving to the Omega Directory is an important way to support the Valley metaphysical community and to promote metaphysics to the world.  Ar one time the Omega Directory was funded by Alpha Books, but the Alpha Book Center is no more, so now we depend on you to keep the Omega Directory going.

There are ways to give to the Omega Directory even when you are low on financial funds or resources. You can volunteer and give your time. It's a great way to invest in the growth and well-being of the metaphysical community.

Giving to the Omega Directory will benefit everyone!
           The Omega Directory helps you . . . and you can help the Omega Directory
here's how . . . .
Be informed  Check out the many features of the Omega Directory

Spread the word
  Tell your friends all about the Omega Directory.
    Make sure all  the churches, study groups and
    psychics that you
    know are listed in  the Directory (It's FREE)
    Mention the Omega Directory and its many
    features on facebook and other social media

Be a Reporter

       we depend on you to keep us informed of
       any new groups
       new teachers or psychics
       anything newsworthy
       and to send usphotos of interesting events

Volunteer in our office
       there's a lot of important stuff to do here  
      Work with us
       to contact the 100's of people and groups
       to keep our information up-to-date
Make a donation
  Just a few dollars each month will enable us to do so much
    Send checks, money orders (probably not cash)
    Or maybe you or your group can make a grant
    We are  a non-profit  501(c)(3) organization.
    all donations are tax-deductible

     Please consider donating  $10, $20, $50 or any amount.  

     Your donation helps us to continue our valuable work. Make a tax deductible donation today to Omega. 

      Keep this metaphysical resource going and providing everyone with the local news and events and

      pages and pages of  important resource material


     Give whatever you can.  Do it today.
        Send a check  or money order to: 
        Omega Directory,
        6418 S. 39th Ave.   Phoenix AZ 85041

        or you can use

     You will feel good knowing that your efforts are creating a truly positive and dynamic metaphysical community