Spiritual Science makes things clearer

Do you ever feel powerless? Do you wonder about your purpose? About what is going to happen in your life?  Has anyone ever showed you how to get direction in your life? Ever explained how everything fits together in life?  What about God and Spirit? Does it matter?

Science has established that God exists!

. . . but that does not mean that all the spiritual and religious things we’ve been told are accurate. Most religious and spiritual teachings are based on tradition and superstition with little or no investigation. Spiritual Science uses the same techiques as physical science and produces useful information. When we apply the scientific method, we find out what is accurate and what is not..

Spiritual Science leads us to a better understanding of the true nature of reality.

Dr. John teaches Science of Spirituality

DR JOHN                      

Dr John has been working with Spiritual Science since  he was first ordained by Master Hillarion decades ago.  If you have questions - Spiritual Science has answers!

Dr, John;s informal weekly get-togethers are oriented toward discussion of questions that affect you with new and unusual  insights into the laws of metaphysics  and spirituality, ESP, spiritual experiences and more! There is so much more! If you haven't yet attended one of his classes, you're missing out on the fun!

A gifted and entertaining teacher, Dr. John is brusque, with solid and impressive scholarship, incisive wit, wisdom and the courage, fortitude and sheer guts to speak the  truth when so many others won't because there's a price to be paid for actually revealing the facts
His class  is a much needed wake-up! call to those fast asleep in their comfort zones of traditional belief systems. Questioning and thinking are 
actively encouraged by Dr John; he encourages people/his students  to think, keeping the question open

One of his first classes


"It was the most interesting class I've ever been to!   Thank you Dr. John. You opened my eyes!"

"What an experience! Dr John has so much knowledge and makes sense out of things I used to think were too complicated.  Awesome class!"

"Dr John is really a gifted teacher. He cares for his students and each time I leave, I know more than I did before. His explanations of reality and perception shows me that this is exactly where I need to be."