Michael El Legion   
Born Mark Block in Boulder City, Nevada on September 20, 1953 at 4:35 a.m. the younger child of Paul and Arlene Block.  Shortly after he was born his parents moved to Vista, California, a small sleepy town just a few miles from the ocean where he grew up testing my father’s “Parasails” along with his older brother on the beach. His mother was a schoolteacher and his father, in addition to designing and inventing the “Parasail” and appearing on the cover of LOOK and LIFE Magazine in the 1950′s, was a pilot, professional stage hypnotist,  and a follower of the famous channel Edgar Cayce. His father knew that Cayce worked with a hypnotist. So his dad began working with him and helped me develop into a channel.

At age 15 he was doing readings for people up and down the West Coast.  At first his readings were much like Edgar Cayce’s. He says that, in 1979, he was physically beamed aboard one of the Spiritual Hierarchy’s spacecraft known as a Merkabah Lightship.  He says that, during this visit he was activated as a “Direct-Voice Channel for the Spiritual Hierarchy.” From then on he began exclusively doing readings for the Lightworkers or Star People.